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Man Arrested For ‘Pimping Chihuahuas’ Out Of Dirty Las Vegas Motel

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CNNews –  Amongst the glittering lights of Las Vegas, there is a darker side of the gaming town. Known for its legal gambling and ‘not so legal’ prostitution, Las Vegas draws in people from all over the world. But aside from its fine dining and nightlife, people are traveling to Las Vegas for something police are calling “too disgusting, even for the devil himself.”

A Craig list sting operation led Las Vegas authorities to a dingy motel just outside of old downtown Las Vegas. Marvin Stein, 48, placed an ad in the “personals” section offering the services of Chihuahua’s that ranged in age from 2 years old to 10 years old. These “services” offered paying customers 30 minutes to 2 hours alone with the animals in a private room next door to his. The ad read: “We Are REAL Animals In Bed –  Looking for a man to get real ‘ruff,’ make sure your clean. No cops.”



Undercover officers answered the ad and Stein took the bait quickly. The detectives arrived posed as a couple interested in the “animal encounter” and were greeted by Stein and 11 Chihuahuas to choose from. The undercover couple exchanged the $350 for the one hour service Stein was offering with the three-year-old Chihuahua; the “puppy pimp” was quickly taken into custody. The undercover sting operation recovered not only the 11 Chihuahua was that were in the motel room with Stein, but an additional 15 Chihuahuas held in cages in his van parked outside the motel. Stein is being held with no bond in a Las Vegas city jail, facing several charges. All 26 dogs were turned over to animal control and treated for multiple injuries related to the acts they were forced to perform. In a recorded confession, Stein admitted to making over $432,000 in the last 16 months.